Salveo in Central and Eastern Europe

TEL: +385 1 562 2000, FAX: +385 1 562 2005

With the task of representing and promoting the products of multinational pharmaceutical companies in the Central and Eastern European region, Salveo covers the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia, Montenegro and Poland. The Zagreb office opened in 2007 for the Croatian and Bosnian and Herzegovinian markets. Three years later, the company expanded to the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, when the branch office of Salveo d.o.o. Belgrade was established. Our young and dynamic team of sales and marketing experts daily researches the needs of the region, home to almost 16 million people. There we are recognized for our representation of the high quality brands of the Engelhard Arzneimittel (Prospan, Isla lozenges, Nisity, Esprico, Tyrosur), FW Medical (Vaxol), and Schwabe North America (Pearls) pharmaceutical companies.

With clear business principles, success is guaranteed. For example, Prospan has been the market leader in Croatia since 2001 in the cough syrup category.

Market growth and Salveo's success are the result of our focus on the satisfaction of our employees, consumers, and business partners. Lead by a vision of pharmaceutical quality and a deep knowledge of the advertising sector, Salveo has built up the trust of the profession and has become partners with numerous health experts.